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File an Incident Report

The Wang Center Incident Report for Off-Campus Courses & Programs can be filed by any PLU student, staff, or faculty member who had a role in and/or witnessed an incident during a PLU study away program. 

The information provided in this form may be shared with relevant campus partners.

To ensure accuracy of the details, if the incident is considered a crime - with or without a police report - (i.e. assault, sexual assault, theft, etc.), and/or if the incident violates the PLU Student Code of Conduct, the Wang Center may forward this Incident Report to PLU Student Rights & Responsibilities, PLU Campus Safety, Risk Management & Insurance, or other PLU departments as applicable.

Although the Wang Center may forward this Incident Report on to other relevant PLU departments, you may want to consider submitting a Care Network Form. A description of the form and the form itself can be found here: PLU Student Care Network Reporting Form

If you are unable to file the incident report online, you can download the Incident Report Form.docx as a Word document, and then fax or email it to the Wang Center. (; 253.535.8752)