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  • Locations: Tacoma, United States
  • Program Terms: Spring
  • Restrictions: PLU applicants only
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Program Advisor: Brynn Smith
Program Description:

***Registration is only permitted for students who already planned to participate in the IHON Oxford Gateway program in Spring 2021***

COVID-19 has once again cancelled Study Away. But IHON-Oxford is a bit different than other
programs, in that we can sHll offer a centerpiece of our program -- one-on-one tutorials in your
areas of interest with Oxford scholars -- on a remote basis. For this reason, we are making
available an IHON-Oxford Away Spring 21 Program, as we did in the Fall of 2020.

One of the many valuable aspects of the Oxford model of tutorial education is the
individualised, dialogue-based format of learning, which lends itself well to online one-on-one
tutorials and small groups discussions. This means that the most useful aspects of an Oxford
education as cited by Oxford undergraduates -- public speaking skills, and the ability to write
and argue at a high level -- can continue to be shared through IHON-Oxford Away. The IHON-
Oxford Away program offers an exciting and unique way to grow as a writer and a thinker, and
to be challenged by experts half a world away -- right from PLU!

In Fall of 2020, students had to enroll in IHON-Oxford Away for 16 units, or not at all -- that’s
because the Oxford term begins in mid-October, and it’s not possible to combine the workload
for two tutorials with any other PLU classes. So students would have taken intensive tutorial
courses taught by Dr. Strum and Dr. Calabria until mid-October, then begun their tutorials. For
Spring '21, we’re able to do things differently, since we can delay the beginning of the Oxford
tutorials until early May. Accordingly, we’re able to offer different options of Spring '21 IHON-
Oxford Away, depending on the level of involvement which your academic schedule permits.
Please note that the Oxford tutorials run from early May through late June.

Option A
This option mirrors the regular on-site IHON-Oxford program, and compromises 14-16 units.
Option A includes:
• a one-on-one primary tutorial with an Oxford tutor, conducted remotely (4 units)
• a secondary tutorial with an Oxford tutor, counting for IHON 200-level credit, conducted
remotely (4 units)
• the intensive course, “Rationalism and Faith in Victorian England,” taught as a regular,
PLU Spring semester IHON 257 course by Dr. Solveig Robinson (4 units). You would study
alongside other IHON students in this course.
• COOP 387A, a 2 unit course which helps prepare for and succeed in the tutorial by
improving your ability to conduct research and do academic writing (taught by Oxford
scholar Dr. Evan Easton-Calabria)
• optional: COOP 387B, Learning to Read the UK, a 2 unit course to help give you cultural
and political reference points (taught by Dr. Arthur Strum)
• participation in regular online public lectures and seminars at Oxford in fields of your
choice, offering you a chance to engage in the wider Oxford student life (many Oxford
events continue to take place online)

Option B
This option permits you to benefit from the Oxford tutorial, while also enrolling in a reduced
schedule of regular classes at PLU. This option can include various combinations of the
• either one or two Oxford tutorials, along with COOP 387A, the 2 unit research/writing
course taught by Dr. Easton-Calabria (6-10 units)
• the intensive course taught by Dr. Solveig Robinson (4 units)
• other, regular PLU courses, as your schedule permits (4-12 units).
• optional: COOP 387B, Learning to Read the UK (2 units)
• participation in regular online public lectures and seminars at Oxford, as above.
Our Spring 2020 students had to return from Oxford and conduct their tutorials via distance learning.
Here is a representative sampling about what they said about conductng their tutorials remotely:

“I met with my primary tutor on Google Hangouts with minimal internet issues and had splendid
meeting discussions and interactions.”
“Tutorials were better and more effective than I thought classes would be in distance-learning”
“I think the tutorials themselves worked great, and while I am sad I did not get to meet my tutors in person, I
think they did a lot to adapt their courses so we could access sources, and were really considerate
regarding time differences.”
“This tutorial on [subject deleted] was really rigorous but thoroughly enjoyable. Dr. [name deleted]
asked difficult questions and pushed me further with every essay I wrote. I think I became better at
seeing more sides of an issue and writing strong arguments. I've also become better at reading closely...
At our last meeting, he said he was really impressed with my writing ability, close reading and the way I
weave arguments together.”
“All things considered, I think that the tutorial system was one of the best systems to have for distance

Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.

This program is currently not accepting applications.